emplacementPalais des Congrès, MONTREAL
May 15 to 17 2024

Pitch Competition

Start-ups have their say

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur looking to take your growing business to the next level? Do you need capital or industry expertise to help you grow?

SIAL Canada challenges food startups to a competition to present their concept:“You have 3 minutes to seduce the jury”

Have a chance to win many prizes in the 2 categories : Food Product or Beverage & Packaging, Technology or Service

The winners of the 2023 edition

On the second day of the show at 10:45 a.m., the highly anticipated Pitch Competition took place, featuring more than 15 participants from the Start-Up Village sponsored by the City of Toronto.

SOUPER TROOPERS | 1st prize Food or Beverage category

A unique delicious shelf-stable chicken broth that satisfies the consumer demands and
meets the food safety and quality standards. The chicken broth comes in an impressive light
single-serving packaging, and the end-consumer would just need to add hot water.

It is the perfect product for“broth cravings” at anytime. Souper Troopers offers the following options:
chicken broth, beef broth and a vegan broth. The outstanding organoleptic attributes of a traditional broth are offered in a shelf-life stable product that enables distribution, ecommercialization and a long retail life Souper Troopers showed not just a unique novel delicious shelf-stable product but also a great market understanding for business growth.

THE HEALTEA | 2nd prize Food or Beverage category

Healtea satisfy a thirsty market for better products. Healtea selects combinations of key organic functional ingredients that provide a unique consumer experience. Healtea products follow the current market trends and demands, therefore they are organic, made in Canada, low-carb, plant-based, and caffeine -free.

Healtea overcomes a historical technical challenge for herbal teas in cans that is to offer an acidified safe product in can with an impressive organoleptic profile. Moreover, Healtea is a environmental conscious brand that utilizes recyclables material for packaging. It is clear that the chances of commercialization and growth are shocking high for healtea.

SPATULA FOODS | 1st prize Technology, Packaging or Service

Spatula offers a service that was missing in the current food culture of convenience, Spatula offers delicious frozen foods that are prepared much faster than other traditional meal kits. Spatula works with local restaurants and top local chefs to turn their recipes into gourmet
flash frozen ready meals.

Spatula not just offers an impressive service but also answers to a pressing customer demands in regard to meal preparation convenience. Spatula offers a
service that is half of the cost of food delivery, 5 times faster than traditional meal kits and
products that are organoleptically outstanding.


Pitch Competition 2022

Discover the Winners!

Pitch Competition 2023 Prizes

orFood or Beverage category – First Prize: A $10,000 grant in products or services was offered by Nielsen, and a 100sq.ft. barestand booth for SIAL Montreal 2024.


argentFood or Beverage category – Second Prize: 20 hours consultation were offered by Niagara College and a 50 sq.ft. barestand booth for SIAL Toronto 2023.


bronzePackaging, Technology or Service category – First Prize: Two vouchers of $1,500 off two internship units at Mitacs for a R&D project worth $15,000 per internship, 20h consultation offered by Niagara College and a 100 sq.ft. barestand booth for SIAL Toronto 2023.


durablePackaging, Technology or Service category – Second Prize: 20h consultation offered by Niagara College and a 50sq.ft. barestand booth for SIAL Montreal 2024

Jury 2023

Dr. Ana Cristina Vega Lugo
Docteure et Directrice scientifique
Dr. Angela Tellez-Lance
Docteure, Experte en analyse des risques & en sécurité alimentaire
Nicholas Gibson Lockhart
Directeur des ventes, PME Canada
Iman Yahyaie
Chef d'équipe des gestionnaires de comptes; directeur du secteur stratégique Ag-tech
Michael Wolfson
Spécialiste secteur alimentation et boisson
Sheri Evans
Directrice développement local, secteur Ontario
Lachlan Whatley
Directeur Général
Andrea Ramlogan
VP, Développement commercial
Graham Legge
Directeur des relations clients

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