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SIAL Innovation

Reveal your innovations to the world!
SIAL Innovation offers an exceptional showcase of global trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry.
This unique international competition recognizes the best innovations in food and non-food products, such as packaging and containers. Don’t miss your chance!
10 finalists | 4 big winners | 94% exhibitor’s satisfaction rate
Deadline to register: March 24th, 2023

Why participate?

Innovation is the DNA of SIAL events around the world, and North America is no exception. SIAL Innovation showcases the world’s most innovative products, ensuring attendees experience the upcoming trends in the food and beverage industry.
Maximize your participation by generating additional traffic to your booth and benefit from international media coverage.
Try to win one of the prestigious SIAL Innovation Grand Prix!
The winning product will be displayed at all SIAL events worldwide, and will receive international recognition through the World Champion Tour.

Terms of participation

SIAL Innovation is reserved for SIAL Canada 2023 exhibitors (individuals or members of a group who have registered as exhibitors), who may present one or more products, each of which must meet the following criteria

  • Must provide edible or non-edible food products from the agri-food industry and have been created or launched on the market after April 2022, in their country of origin or in any other country
  • Participants guarantee that their products comply with the legislation of the country of origin or the country in which they are located.
  • Registration fee, $150 +tx per product.
  • Click here to read the 2023 rules of the operation
SIAL Innovation in 4 steps
  1. Submit your products for the competition by March 24th, through the platform and pay $150 +tx entry fee. Reserved for exhibitors under contract from 2023.
  2. In early April, the jury will select the finalists from a shortlist of the best innovations.
  3. The ten finalists will be announced on social networks and to the press one month before the show.
  4. The jury announces the winners of the gold, silver, bronze and sustainable categories during an official ceremony in front of the main players of the food industry

Big Winners 2022

Gold Award

GROUNDUP ECO-VENTURES: flours and cooking mixes made from recycled ingredients.

Why this product?  Selected as a new example of circular economy made very accessible by the valorization of rejected ingredients into practical, nutritious and greedy products.

Silver Award

ALIMENTS MERJEX INC: TEMPEHINE, range of organic, marinated and pre-cooked minced tempeh.

Why this product?Selected for the quality of its composition and the use of a new process that makes tempeh a very versatile ready-to-use ingredient for adding vegetable protein to a wide variety of to a wide variety of meals.

Bronze Award

LA PRESSERIE: range of raw and unpasteurized vinaigrettes made from cold-pressed fruits and vegetables.

Why this product?Selected for their simple and natural composition, the use of fresh ingredients and the cold pressing process that adds sophistication to the products.

Sustainable Award

CHIPS, organic beet and yacon chips with no added oil or sugar.

Why this product? Selected for the naturalness and authenticity of the product resulting from the origin of the ingredients, the transformation process and the manufacturer’s relevant commitments to sustainable development.


SIAL Innovation Prizes

orGold Award: A $10,000 grant in products or services will be offered by Nielsen, and a 100sq. ft. barestand booth for SIAL Montreal 2024


argentSilver Award: A $5,000 grant in products or services will be offered by Nielsen, and a 50sq.ft. barestand booth for SIAL Montreal 2024


bronzeBronze Award: A $5,000 grant in products or services will be offered by Nielsen


durableOwn The Change Award: A $3,750 discount at Mitacs (50% of your contribution) on 1 internship unit for an R&D project worth $15,000.

SIAL Innovation 2020

Gold Award: Art Kombucha – fermented beer with Kombucha culture

Silver Award : Ideal Aluminium – 100% compostable box for roast chicken

Bronze Award : LOC Industries – vegan butter

SIAL Innovation 2019

Gold Award: Unbun – Vegan Keto Buns, vegan buns

Silver Award : Yummy Doh – Raw Cookie Dough

Bronze Award : Löfbergs – ICE, oat-based coffee drink

Jury 2023

The independent jury is made up of food industry experts from around the world. They examine the innovative qualities of the products and judge the relevance of the new benefit the product offers to the consumer or industry. Winners are selected based on these criteria: packaging, manufacturing process, merchandising and recipe, technology, etc…

Jo-Ann McArthur
President and Chief Strategist
Jury President & Food Innovation Expert
Xavier Terlet
Managing Director
Jury President
Dana McCauley
David Smart
VP, Business Development
Fred Wall
Vice President Marketing and Digital Agriculture
Isabelle Marquis
Senior Food Strategist
Sustainable Development Expert
Jenny Longo
Senior Director of Private Brands, Culinary Innovation, and Central Kitchen
John Higgins
Chef in Residence, Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Julianne Curran
VP, Market Innovation
Kate Barlow
Senior Industry Development Officer, Market and Industry Services Branch
Melanie Houssin
Associate Publisher & Western Account Manager
Michael Von Massow
OAC Chair in Food System Leadership
Mike Kagan
VP Sales & Marketing
Nicolas Trentesaux
Managing Director, SIAL Network
Troy Taylor
VP Strategic Development

Partners of the 2022 edition