emplacementPalais des Congrès, MONTREAL
May 15 to 17 2024


The 1st Canadian Cheesemonger Competition in Montreal!

Welcome to the biennial competition for the ‘Best Canadian Cheesemonger 2024’. This unique national event aims to celebrate a profession and showcase the country’s top professional cheesemonger. In partnership with SIAL Canada, this new competition will alternate with the International Cheese Competition in Toronto, providing an exceptional platform for Canadian cheese professionals.


6 Candidates | 1 Champion

Six talented candidates will be selected to participate in a live competition on May 15, where they will demonstrate mastery, creativity, and knowledge. The challenges will include a blind tasting, a persuasive presentation to the jury, a knowledge test, as well as the creation of artistic cheese platters on the theme of World Cities.

Get ready to discover incredible talents and dazzling cheese presentations. The winner of this captivating competition will have the honor of representing Canada at the World Cheese Awards in Tours, France, in September 2025.

Yannick Achim

Jury President

Jury President's message

« This competition represents an unparalleled opportunity for cheesemonger to demonstrate their expertise, passion, and to increase recognition of our profession among culinary trades. In Canada, thanks to the creativity of artisan cheesemakers and the gourmet exploration by consumers into the world of fine cheeses, the profession of Cheesemonger continues to leave its mark in this specialized sector of the food industry. We are eager to discover the skills and originality of the candidates. »

Why participate ?

This unique opportunity allows you to showcase your talent and elevate yourself in the professional world of cheese. Join us for an event that promises to make a mark on the Canadian cheese industry.

Showcase your expertise.

Demonstrate your expertise and passion for cheese by distinguishing yourself among the best in your field.

Expand your network.

Build connections with professionals and industry experts, opening up new career perspectives.

Enhance your reputation.

Increase your visibility and strengthen your position as a recognized expert in the cheese industry.

Prizes to win:

  • Prestigious Title: Become the ‘Best Canadian Cheese Merchant 2024 by SIAL’ and gain recognition from your peers and the public.
  • Extensive Media Visibility: Benefit from comprehensive SIAL promotion, including social media coverage, a press release, an interview on The Food Professor’s SIAL Podcast, and an article in Culture Cheese Magazine (US).
  • International Representation: Win a spot to represent Canada at the World Cheese Awards in Tours, France, in September 2025, with coverage for your travel, accommodation, and registration fees.
  • Become a Judge at the 2026 Competition: Receive an invitation to be a judge at the 2026 Best Canadian Cheese Merchant Competition at SIAL Montreal, solidifying your status as an industry expert.

These awards not only symbolize your success in this competition but also your place as a leader in the world of cheese. Join us for an event that promises to become a significant milestone in the Canadian cheese industry.

Information for Participants

Competition schedule
  • Competition Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from 9:30 am to 13:45 pm
  • Deadline for Submitting Your Application: April 2, 2024
  • Announcement of Preselected Candidates: April 18, 2024
Qualifications criteria

Candidates eligible to apply:

  • All professional Cheesemonger aged 18 and above.

Documents to be provided:

  • Your Curriculum Vitae A photo in JPEG format (min 300 KB) A short text explaining your reasons for participating (minimum 350 words/maximum 500 words) Payment by credit card of a registration fee of $300


  • Application files will be subject to approval by the organizers for participation in the national selection competition. Incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified. Registration fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the candidate or if the application is not accepted by the organizers.

1st Challenge: CHEESE PLATTER
(allocated time: 1 hour)

  • Creation of a presentation platter on the theme “Cities of the World
  • This preparation will be presented on your own service tray with a maximum size of 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm.
  • The support will be provided by the candidate and can be prepared in advance of the competition.
  • The platter will contain a total of 20 cheeses and will be composed of 10 Canadian cheeses and 10 AOP cheeses including 5 goat, 3 sheep, 7 cow, and one buffalo cheese.
  • The presentation must be created exclusively through the cutting and/or sculpting of cheese. All creations must be done on-site; no pre-cut or pre-sculpted cheese will be accepted.
  • The cheeses will be brought by the candidates and can be either whole wheels or pieces weighing a maximum of 1 kg for larger cheeses.
  • The labeling is mandatory and should mention the product’s name (cheese name and its origin). The labeling materials will be provided by the candidate.
  • Plates, small containers, presentation supports, ingredients, and fresh products are allowed.


(allocated time: 3 minutes)

  • Each candidate selects a Canadian cheese of their choice and must present and taste it to the jury.
  • The cheese or piece weighing 0.500 kg will be cut by the candidate and then tasted by each member of the jury.
  • The candidate may speak in the language of their choice: French or English.


3rd Challenge: BLIND TASTING
(allocated time: 15 minutes)

Candidates will be subjected to a blind tasting of 5 AOP cheeses. The test consists of recognizing :

  • The cheese family
  • The milk origin (cow, goat, sheep)
  • The region and the country of origin
  • The name of the cheese

The cheeses for the tasting will be AOP cheeses that are available in Canada.


(allocated time: 20 minutes)

  • Candidates will have to answer a multiple-choice questionnaire of 20 questions related to general knowledge about Canadian cheesemaking and AOP cheeses.

Workstation: 10 Points

  • General organization (4 pts)
  • Hygiene and cleanliness (3 pts)
  • Use of equipment, mastery of cutting techniques (3 pts)


Cheese Platter: 1 hour – 30 Points

  • Selection of products and quality of aging (5 pts)
  • Compliance with the specified cheeses (5 pts)
  • Cutting execution (5 pts)
  • Labeling (5 pts)
  • Evocation of the theme ‘Cities of the World’: originality & use of supports (5 pts)
  • Overall artistic aspect: harmony of the arrangement (5 pts)


Blind Tasting: 15 minutes – 20 Points

  • Cheese family (1 pt / cheese)
  • Origin of milk (1 pt / cheese)
  • Region and country of origin (0.5 points per answer and per cheese)
  • Name of the cheese (1 pt / cheese)


Oral Presentation in front of Jury: 3 minutes – 20 Points

  • Quality of the oral presentation: Richness of vocabulary (10 pts)
  • Visual quality of the cheese: Originality of the presentation and quality of cutting (5 pts)
  • Organoleptic quality : Jury’s approval of the tasted cheeses (5 pts)


MCQ – Multiple Choice Questionnaire: 20 minutes – 20 Points

  • 1 point per correct answer.