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May 15 to 17 2024


Is your product out of the ordinary? Wear it in competition!
SIAL Canada is without a doubt, the opportunity to compete against competitors from around the world in legendary and prestigious competitions.
For more than 15 years, internationally renowned expert jurors have been rewarding the best companies in their sector: the winners will be awarded numerous prizes, medals and scholarships, presented by our partners and ambassadors.
Taking your product to competition means taking part in passionate competitions that encourage, celebrate and showcase the most innovative companies.
Benefit from a high visibility with professional journalists and international coverage thanks to our media and SIAL network!

SIAL Innovation

The SIAL Innovation competition is an international competition that rewards the most beautiful food and non-food innovations such as food packaging and containers.
As the show’s signature event, SIAL Innovation brings expert content on new developments and consumer trends in the food industry worldwide.
Open to all our exhibitors, it rewards winners based on 4 criteria: packaging, manufacturing process, merchandising and recipe

International Cheese Competition

Building on its success in 2019 in Toronto with a presentation of 229 cheeses from 9 countries, SIAL Canada welcomes you in May 2023 for its 3rd International Cheese Competition
A panel of judges, chaired by Gurth M. Pretty, will be joined by cheese industry professionals who will evaluatethe cream of the crop of cheesemakers and award the Category Champions from the 26 selected categories.
The competition is open to cheeses of all types of milk, exhibitors or non-exhibitors of SIAL Canada.

Olive d'Or

Each year, more than one hundred Extra Virgin Olive Oils are showcased to the 20,000 visitors of SIAL Canada. Due to a growing and evolving demand, two new products have been added to the Olive d’Or competition, which selects the Golden Drop, Silver and Bronze winners in the ripe fruit, light fruit, medium fruit, intense fruit and aromatic categories.
The competition is open to extra virgin olive oils from around the world, exhibitors or non-exhibitors at SIAL Canada.

Start-Up : Pitch Competition

Start-ups have their say

SIAL Canada challenges food start-ups to a competition to present their concept:
« You have 3 minutes to seduce the jury »
An innovative format: several rounds of startups will compete in 2 categories: Food Product or Beverage & Technology or Service. The competition is open to all exhibitors of the Start-up Village.

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