emplacementPalais des Congrès, MONTREAL
May 15 to 17 2024

Own The Change

Transitions, reinventions and global responsibility in the food industry

Championing New Solutions Through Innovation

We will always need to eat. That’s why agriculture and food processing will always have a future. At the same time, the changes impacting these sectors are huge. Between now and 2030, the worldwide population will rise from 7.6 to 8.6 billion – an increase that represents an immense challenge for the food industry, especially at a time where paradigms are rapidly shifting. There is an expectation that we produce more food, while simultaneously polluting less and moving toward more transparency. We must re-examine our distribution channels, logistics chains and food processing systems, in a manner that prioritizes people and the environment. New solutions are needed, and innovation will be critical to address food sufficiency.

"Own the Change"

The 2023 edition of SIAL Canada aimed to positively shape the future by opening the debate around a powerful and unifying theme, “Own the Change”. Adopted by the entire SIAL Network – including SIAL Paris and SIAL America – this theme is a call-to-action for exhibitors and visitors alike to seize the reins of change and reimagine the future together.
A real awareness has emerged, accelerated by the pandemic: 63% of consumers consider that eating is a civic act and that the products on their plate have an impact on the environment. The crises marking 2023 have serious implication on supply chains, raw materials, energy, and more, and directly impact the price of foodstuffs. Climate change and its effects (early harvests, shortages, etc.) are also having a major impact on the way we eat.
During this time of transition, reinvention and global social responsibility, SIAL Canada remains steadfast in our mission to unite food professionals around the major transformations taking place in the industry and to provide visiting professionals with the tools they need to master the issues and become drivers of change in their own right. For 2023, SIAL Canada was urging the food community to collectively embrace optimism, possibility and prosperity, at this event and beyond, through the sustainable future of food.

Nicolas Trentesaux

CEO of SIAL Network

“Our relationship with food is changing and we are having to make new choices. There is an urgent need to re-think our relationship with agriculture and the transformation and distribution of products in order to deliver an experience that makes sense to consumers. At SIAL, we believe that business performance is only meaningful if it drives improvements to health, the environment and society as a whole. Our role is to understand, analyze and inspire change by giving our exhibitors and visitors, who are the first to be affected, the keys to create the solutions of the future,”

Engaging exhibitors and visitors to re-imagine the future

Through its conferences and networking events, featuring high-profile speakers, SIAL Canada provided exhibitors and visitors alike with targeted education on timely topics including: packaging (bulk, recycling, zero waste, zero plastic), urbanization (local, proximity production), health (ingredients of tomorrow, health food, alternative proteins), technology (foodtech, traceability, blockchain), and more.
“Own the Change” also means celebrating the industry’s trailblazers, change-makers and rising-stars. Specifically, through the new Start-Up Village, the Pitch-Competition and the SIAL Innovation Awards, SIAL Canada spotlighted food entrepreneurs and the innovations that are revolutionizing the way we produce, consume and inform ourselves about food.
In addition to this new powerful theme, SIAL Canada remains committed to its mission to “inspire food business” by providing retailers, buyers, producers, suppliers, importers and wholesalers with the most effective platform to meet, collaborate and accelerating commerce. And always, you can count on innovation being at the heart SIAL Canada – North America’s largest food innovation trade show.