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Du 9 au 11 mai 2023

Inspire Drink

Elixirs in effervescence!

Inspire Drink is a space of workshops, tastings and discoveries that allows restaurateurs and food professionals to push their creativity and extract more from their favorite drinks.

You will find unique animations, in line with market expectations: Mixology, infusion, fermentation, well-being, trends, new textures and unusual tastes!



SESSION 1 – Tea Tasting – Taste and compare different types of tea (Camellia sinensis). Learn to discern quality and consistency of service through the tasting process. Learn how to do a tea tasting, record tasting notes and leave with a better understanding of how tea can be different from season to season and region to region based on terroir.

SESSION 2 – Infusions – For wellness or to limit caffeine, this session explores different types of herbal teas or infusions and functional beverages in vogue. Think turmeric, collagen, herbs and more. Learn how to differentiate infusions from tea on menus, the best preparation methods, and how to incorporate them into a profitable beverage program.

SESSION 3 – Tea and Cheese Pairing – Taste and learn how tea and cheese pair for a unique dining experience. Learn about a variety of types and their origins and how a tasting/pairing can add interest and profit to your business, menu or special events.

MAY 10

SESSION 1 – Beverage Trends – Boba or bubble tea, matcha, and more. Attendees will taste and learn about different types of beverages shaking things up and adding profits to a beverage program. We’ll also touch on wellness beverages and how to profit more (tea bags vs. pyramid style vs. loose tea).

SESSION 2 – Coffee Tasting – Taste and compare different types of coffee. Learn to discern quality and consistency while learning about particular tastes and terroir. Attendees will be introduced to different types and regions and roasting styles of coffee.
SESSION 3 – Tea & Chocolate Pairing – Taste teas and chocolates side by side. Learn how like or opposing flavor profiles may work together for a delicious experience. Learn more about tea and chocolate origins, types, and how each pairs with the other.

MAY 11

SESSION 1 – Cold Brew – Coffee or tea, cold brew is still on-trend and delicious. Discover how this unique method creates a smooth and fresh tasting beverage. We will also compare and discuss other methods of making cloud-free iced tea and how to add interest to beverages with fruit or other garnish.

SESSION 2 – Beverage Flavors – Flavored coffee and flavored tea will be discussed. See how flavors or different blending ingredients create a new tea blend and how to add flavors to already prepared tea for a different flavor profile. See how each blend is visually beautiful before and after brewing and taste how those flavors marry well with the natural flavor of the tea.

SESSION 3 – Tea/Beer/Cheese – Pairings of beer with tea and cheese. Demonstration of how tea can be combined with something like beer (or wine) and cheese pairings for a unique foodie experience. Learn facts about teas and cheeses and beer which are to be paired. Learn origin, types, and how each pairs well.

SESSION 4 – Tea/Coffee Infused Cocktails – Learn a few recipes and enjoy some unique cocktails. Tea and coffee are very trendy ingredients for drinks. Think espresso martini, tea-tini, matcha drinks, or smokey drinks with lapsang souchong tea. The possibilities are endless.

Partners of the 2022 edition

Partners of the 2022 edition

Our drink experts

Jean-Sébastien Michel
Owner of Alambika and founder of Alkademie
Mixology expert
Gail Gastelu
Owner/publisher of The Tea House Times, producer of Tea Course
Tea expert