emplacementEnercare Centre, TORONTO
May 9 to 11, 2023

Inspire Drink

Elixirs in effervescence!
Inspire Drink is a space of workshops, tastings and discoveries that allows restaurateurs and food professionals to push their creativity and extract more from their favorite drinks.
You will find unique animations, in line with market expectations: Mixology, infusion, fermentation, well-being, trends, new textures and unusual tastes!



The morning sessions of the 2022 edition were dedicated to coffee with David Boucher, roaster at Escape Coffee Roaster®.
Workshops presented

Cupping Technique | Coffee cocktails | Specialty coffees


Our mixology expert Jean-Sébastien Michel and his team from Alambika led the cocktail workshops during the three days of the show.

Workshops presented

Nordic Cocktails | Rhum Arrangé | Gin & Tonic | Non-Alcoholic cocktails | Glassware | Artisanal Bitters

Partners of the 2022 edition

Our Beverages Experts

Jean-Sébastien Michel
Owner of Alambika and founder of Alkademie
Mixology expert
Gail Gastelu
Owner/publisher of The Tea House Times, producer of Tea Course
Tea expert