Country of Honour

The Italian Excellence

The Italian agri-food sector represents true excellence and the Italian agricultural model  is a worldwide winner and is even now breaking records especially in the fields of quality, safety, technological innovation, sustainability and biodiversity all while respecting and maintaining traditions.

Not only does Italian agriculture boast leadership, with 228 typical products given designated on indication of protected origin status as recognized by the European Union, but it has an additional 4.471 traditional regional specialties. The CETA treaty safeguards 41 Italian named products, equal to over 90% of the total of Italian food products exported to Canada.


Get a taste of SIAL Canada's Country of Honour

Italian taste on Canadian tables

Canada recognizes  importance of the raw ingredients in the dishes of Italian Cuisine, a factor that makes Italy products today truly “delicieux” for a Canadian public’s continuing love affair with Italy.

The winning factors of the Italian agri-food products are also related to the widely diverse geographical  and climatic conditions that it is luckily to have and which have been formed by their culture, history and, of course, traditions. All these contribute an inimitable product so much so Italy does not fear counterfeiting.


The Mediterranean Cuisine

The “made in Italy” on the table is also a symbol in the world for the Mediterranean diet which is acknowledged worldwide as an essential part in the maintenance of good health, which is founded on eating fresh seasonal local products. Bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and a glass of wine, the traditional regular meals eaten around the table have  allowed Italians to keep their place among the record breaking populations of the world for longevity.

The Italian food industry has taken its cultural heritage of “to do” good food  and drink without overriding its traditions.




Claudio Taffuri

Ambassador of Italy in Ottawa

"Eating Italian is not only synonymous with quality and excellence, it is a real lifestyle, recognized and appreciated all over the world, as is the Mediterranean Diet, which was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO back in 2010. Italian quality is the result of history, tradition, commitment, professionalism, and entrepreneurial capability. The ability to translate these elements into a level of excellence has always been the true specificity of our agro-industry, the added value that allowed it to establish itself everywhere. It is no coincidence, let me say, if the attempts to emulate Italian products, though numerous, do not seem able to compete with the original.  


I am particularly pleased to report that, in this edition of SIAL, the role of 'Country of Honour’ has been assigned to Italy. This is evidence of the widespread appreciation enjoyed by our agro-industrial sector, composed essentially of small and medium-sized enterprises able to demonstrate a high level of quality and who will further attract new opportunities for export of their products in this significant venue".

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