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Each year, SIAL Canada is pleased to welcome a distinguished guest as a Country of Honour. Putting a country or region in the spotlight supports countless political and economic initiatives and organisations.

SIAL Canada's mission in choosing a Country of Honour is to underscore the country's desire to stand out in a thriving market like North America.

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Spain in the Spotlight

Spain is thrilled to be the Country of Honour at the 2018 edition of SIAL Canada. The provisional entry into force of the CETA represents a significant milestone between Spain and Canada for trade and cooperation.

 Over the past five years, the bilateral trade relationship in agri-food between Canada and Spain has grown by 132% and the Spanish companies exported their products for a value of 313 million dollars.

This growth is reflected in some of our most iconic products: Spain has increased the exports of Virgin Olive Oil by 170% expanding its market share in 10 points; olives from Spain hold a large market share of 40% in Canada. Import of citrus fruits had tripled from 2013, while pitted fruits and peaches hold a stunning growth of 7,670% in the past five years. And, of course, our exquisite jamón, chorizo and other pork delicacies have grown by 82% from 2013 to 2017. As for Spain’s celebrated wines, we are proud to say that, in 2017, Spain became the 5th imported wine supplier to Canada, only after France, Italy, USA and Australia. Quebec alone represented more than the 50% of our total market share in Canada, and has grown 26% over the last 5 years.


We celebrated this enlarged presence of Foods and Wines from Spain in Canada, thanks to the 31 companies who participated in this magnificent event.

Francisco Javier Garzón Morales

Chief Executive Officer ICEX Trade and Investment

This is a special year for us with the entry into force of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) which I believe represents a milestone to trade and cooperation between the European Union countries and Canada. Spain has worked hard in the anticipation of this Trade Agreement for the last five years and I have to say that we have achieved significant results.

I am very confident that food and wine exports from Spain will continue to strengthen in the Canadian market in the coming years.

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