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May 15 to 17 2024

Olive d'Or Competition

Each year, more than one hundred Extra Virgin Olive Oils are showcased to the 20,000 visitors of SIAL Canada.
Following a growing and evolving demand, 2 new features have been added to the Olive d’Or competition which selects the Golden Drop, Silver and Bronze winners according to the categories ripe fruitiness, light fruit flavor, medium fruit flavor, strong fruit flavor and aromatic.
The competition is open to extra virgin olive oils from all over the world, whether they are exhibitors or not at SIAL Canada.

New: aromatic oils

The Olive d’Or competition is now open to oils flavored or infused with a natural or chemical aroma, our jury will enjoy the balance of its flavors whether it is basil, chili, truffle, parmesan, or other!

Southern Hemisphere

Due to the 6 months gap between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere harvests, we wish to recognize the quality of the oils from Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, a special Southern Hemisphere award will be given in each of the 5 categories, to honor the 2022 spring harvest.

Olive d'Or 2023

Discover the 15 Winners!
Winners of the 2022 edition

Discover the Gold, Silver,
Bronze and Coup de Coeur in the 4 categories, as well as the
Organic and Design Special Awards!

Winners of the 2019 edition

Relive the 15th edition and discover the 16 best extra virgin olive oils awarded.

Christine Cheylan

Jury President

Owner, Château Virant

“The Olive d’or competition has just concluded its 17th edition in Toronto this year. This competition is really unique in
the world of competitions because it takes place in a country that does not produce olive oil. This is to say that olive oil
is still a real craze for its uses in cooking and for its health benefits. The Canadian market is still a buoyant market in
terms of consumption and its development potential. I can say that the quality of the oils in competition was
incredible and the level of competition remarkable. So the need today to further enlighten the consumer seems
paramount. Signs of reassurance such as obtaining a medal in a competition of international rank is really a
consecration. So thank you to all these producers for their daily work and thank you to our jury of experts, who, thanks
to the quality of the tastings, were able to highlight exceptional oils”.

Why participate?

  • A prestigious and recognized competition, with great visibility among the public and professional journalists.
  • An effective market test: a competitive way to have your product tested by a jury of experts but also by the 20,000 visitors of the show.
  • A targeted sampling: specialized media and key industry players have the opportunity to taste the winning oils on site.
  • A way to make your brand shine and gain credibility with your buyers


  • A showcase where participating products will be displayed during the three days of the show.
  • A ranking that allows you to earn points for the EVOO’s of the year (EVOO World Ranking).


Terms and conditions

Conditions of participation

The olive oils presented must meet the following criteria:

  • Extra virgin olive oils
  • Less than 0.8% oleic acid
  • From a homogeneous batch of a minimum of 2,000 liters
Rates and packages

# PACKAGE 1: $325 CAD “Early bird” price ($370 CAD regular price)

  • Participation in the contest
  • Presentation of your product at the Olive d’Or booth during the 3 days of the show
  • Your listing in the official show guide and on the website

# PACKAGE 2 : $630 CAD Early Bird price ($730 CAD regular price)

  • Includes package 1
  • Tasting of your product at the Olive d’Or booth during the 3 days of the show
  • QR Code next to your products for more visibility

> Special price until February 22, 2023

> Regular price from February 23 to April 13, 2023


The participant must determine the category in which he/she wishes to present his/her product and specify it at the time of registration. The president of the jury can reserve the right to change the category according to her appreciation and her judgment will not be questioned.

There are 5 categories: ripe fruity, light fruity, medium fruity, intense fruity and aromatic.

The 3 winners Golden Drop, Silver Drop and Bronze Drop will be rewarded by category and by hemisphere, either North or South.

Click here to know how to classify your oils

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