emplacementPalais des Congrès, MONTREAL
May 15 to 17 2024

International Exhibitors

SIAL Canada 2024
May 15-17, 2024, Palais des Congrès, Montreal

International Exhibitors

This page is dedicated exclusively to specifications for international exhibitors. It is imperative that you also read the exhibitor manual.

Visa and eTA


Some foreign nationals traveling to Canada are required to apply for a visa. Check if you need a visa to enter Canada by clicking here.

Important: SIAL Canada can assist you in obtaining your visa through an Official Letter of Invitation for Business Visitors. Click here to complete the letter of invitation request form. Once received, submit this letter with your visa application. Click here to apply for a visa. Due to visa processing times, we strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible. Please note that SIAL Canada has no influence over the decision made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada regarding your visa application.


Some foreign nationals traveling to Canada are required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Check if you need an eTA to enter Canada by clicking here.
Apply for an eTA by clicking here.

Importing goods into Canada

All products you import must meet the standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Click here to access the Guide for Importing Food Products at trade shows or exhibitions in Canada.

Agents from the CFIA will be present to verify that your imported products meet the requirements. Your permit issued by the CFIA must be displayed continuously at your booth.

• Product Safety: It is the responsibility of the importer or legal agent to ensure the safety and suitability of food products offered for tasting during the event. Therefore, conditions during transportation, storage, and exhibition must prevent any product spoilage. Unwholesome or infested products should be returned to their place of origin or destroyed under the supervision of the CFIA.

• Sales Prohibition: Exemptions to various laws and regulations applied by the CFIA are granted when products are imported solely for presentation at exhibitions or trade shows. Selling these products at these events is not permitted. Distributing these products outside the exhibition premises is also prohibited, unless prior special authorization is obtained from the CFIA. Products must be presented to the CFIA – National Import Service Centre (NISC) for approval. Your customs broker must use the CFIA Automated Import System (AIS) to learn specific import requirements, such as import permits, certificates, or licenses. Once in AIS, you can select “Trade Show or Exhibition.” Click here.

• Imports of high-risk products, such as dairy products intended for food exhibitions, may be made according to the same recommendations as for commercial shipments or with an import permit for “Animal Health.” The application must be made through the permit administration center: cfia.permission.acia@canada.ca

• Imports of meat products destined for a food exhibition, from certain countries, will require an import permit before the products arrive in Canada, with a case-by-case risk assessment. An “Animal Health” risk assessment may also be necessary. All high-risk products, whether of animal or plant origin, new to the Canadian market, require product assessment, and this information must be transmitted to the appropriate programs several weeks in advance. We strongly recommend obtaining CFIA Pre-arrival Review System (PARS) APPROVAL to ensure that products will be allowed entry into Canada and to avoid costly refusals.

IMPORTANT: If no permit has been obtained in advance and merchandise is rejected by the CFIA at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, it will be destroyed. Collection, transportation, and disposal fees will then be charged to the exhibitor.

For any questions, please contact: Cathy Dallaire
(514) 283-3815 ext. 4303 | cathy.dallaire@inspection.gc.ca Fax: (514) 283-3143
Regional Import Coordinator. int./ Acting Area import coordinator
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
2001 Robert Bourrassa, Suite 671-X, Montreal, QC H3A 3N2 www.inspection.gc.ca

Alcohol import and sample distribution

All alcoholic products you import must be declared to the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ), and you must obtain a Reunion Permit to Sell issued by the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux (RACJ)

• Distribution of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Samples

Free distribution must be in sample format only: 60 ml (2 ounces) for liquids and 28 grams (1 ounce) for solids, equivalent to one bite.

The sale of samples is prohibited at all times. Products offered and distributed free of charge as samples during the exhibition must not compete with or limit the sale of products in food concessions. These products must be in line with the nature of the business involved.

Importation and Distribution of Alcoholic Products

Non-Quebec Exhibitors:

All non-Quebec exhibitors who wish to offer alcoholic beverages for tasting during the event must obtain the “Reunion Permit to Sell” issued by the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux of Quebec (RACJ). Each non-Quebec exhibitor has the right to import alcohol up to 45 liters per Permit. This permit must be displayed at your booth throughout the event.

Click here to view the steps to obtain this permit based on your situation at the trade show.

Important: Each exhibitor must also complete the sample distribution request form with Maestro Culinaire, the official caterer of the Palais des Congrès, by clicking here.

Customs, transport and warehousing before the show


Importing food and other products into Canada must comply with the import requirements of various government agencies. To facilitate these processes, SIAL Canada strongly advises their exhibitors to use their official customs and transport broker: North American Logistics Services Inc. (NALSI). It is essential to contact NALSI as early as possible to know the deadlines.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to comply with customs formalities for any products from abroad. The Palais des congrès de Montréal is NOT considered a customs clearance point for our event.

All merchandise from abroad must be cleared at its point of entry into Canada. If the merchandise does not meet customs requirements upon arrival in Canada, it could be destroyed at the sender’s expense or returned to the sender.

Services provided by NALSI:
– Local and international transportation of all types of goods (air, land, and sea transport) before and after the event
– Customs brokerage for exhibition products and equipment at the entry and exit of Canada
– Storage before the event in optimal conditions for the merchandise (deadline for receipt at the warehouse: May 3, 2024)

Advantages: All administrative tasks are handled by professionals (preparation and control of necessary documents, customs clearance, assistance in obtaining the necessary permits from various government agencies, including the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, assistance for tax refunds).

It is essential to contact NALSI as early as possible to know the deadlines.
For any questions, please contact Fernando Vera: fvera@nalsi.com / +1 514-847-1791 / Fax: +1 514-655-3559 / Toll-Free: +1 877-332-8987

• If you wish to make an agreement with North American Logistics (NALSI), the official carrier and customs broker of SIAL Canada:
Click here to order


• If you use your own carrier and customs broker and only want to store with NALSI:
Click here to order Deadline for receipt at the warehouse: May 3, 2024.


Products temporarily imported to the Palais des Congrès de Montréal cannot be sold or given to exhibitors or visitors, nor can they be donated to the Food Bank. These products cannot leave the Palais des Congrès without written authorization from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. International goods must be destroyed by the organizer: think about waste! We strongly encourage exhibitors to bring to the show only the products they actually need, for the sake of resource conservation.


On-site payments will be accepted by credit card only, or cash (in $CAD only) at the exhibitor services counter.

A copy of the bank transfer order must be attached to the purchase order.
International exhibitors must settle their participation fees in Canadian dollars (a fee of $15 CAD).

Bank Details:

National Bank of Canada – 1265 Du Tremblay Road – Longueuil, Quebec J4N 0G3 – Canada
Account Holder: Expo Canada France Inc
TRANSIT Number: 02091
ACCOUNT Number: 11-903-22