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You’ll love SIAL Canada’s unique visitor’s path! With over 25,000 professionals to contend with, you’ll be glad you can enjoy our streamlined floor plan, allowing better navigation to the exact products you need. Quickly locate what you are looking for thanks to our efficient signage. 

Find out which logo below corresponds to your sectors of interest and start planning your path during the show by selecting all the events and activities related to these logos!

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Make sure professional visitors will notice you during SIAL Canada

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Food Service

Learn more about the experts and events related to the Grocerant, a main stake in the food service sector this year!

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All the exhibitors who offer Halal products

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All the exhibitors who offer Kosher products

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Gluten Free

All the exhibitors who offer Gluten Free products

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The organic and healthy products, a major trend once again this year, discover all our conferences and activities !

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All our independant exhibitors and convenience stores

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Private Label

All our exhibitors offering products from private label

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Regional Food

Buy local, main stake this year at SIAL Canada. Learn More about the conferences and activities related to this trend

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All our exhibitors who offer fair-trade products

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Sold in USA

Find out all the exhibitors who sale their products in the United-States

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The number 1 product visitors are looking to find at SIAL Canada is easily indentified thanks to this logo ! Find out more about all the activities and events related to chese

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All our exhibitors who offer a traceability of their products

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All our exhibitors who offer environmentally responsible equipments 

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Techno - SET

All our exhibitors who offer new technical solutions to help the food industry move forward

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SET Digital

All our exhibitors who offer digital solutions to help the food industry move forward

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All the exhibitors who offer Ethnic and international products

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Supply chain

All our events, conferences and exhibitors related to this sector

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Food to Go

The Grocerant trend is a major stake this year at SIAL Canada, learn more about all the activities, conferences and experts during the show!

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