The key numbers

70% Growth since 2010
17 300 visitors from 67 countries 930 exhibitors from 50 countries
40+ workshops and conferences
240 000 ft2 of surface
3 exclusive B2B programs
396 contacts per booth
94% of visitors were satis ed by their visit
97% exhibitor satisfaction

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Thank you to all our exhibitors, visitors and partners for helping us make this edition the record breaking show!

Everything Under One Roof

SIAL CANADA is the only national show that offers a complete line of products, equipment and technology designated specifically for the food industry. This responds to the needs of:

  • food Retailing

  • Food Service

  • Food Processing

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The Expert Hubs who took part in the 2016 edition

The experts below were present at the Show to answer all your questions based on their respective expertise. Stay tuned for our 2017 experts ! You will be able to meet them during the show.

Mathieu Halle Expertise: E-business’ development

Mathieu Halle

President of the RCSQ

Expertise: Digital economy

Stéphane Ricoul

Accelerator of digital transformation

Expertise: Food service strategy

Bernard Boutboul

CEO of Gira Conseil cabinet

Expertise: The organic market

Marie-Eve Levert

Manager of the international and regulatory business

Expertise: The ethnic market

B.k Sethi


Expertise: USA regulation and importations

Bob Bauer

President of the AFI

Expertise: On-Line Image Professional for E-Commerce

Pierre Lessard

Industry Manager at GS1 Canada

Expertise: Olive oil

Christine Cheylan

Château Virant's Director, Olive oils

Expertise: Food innovation

Xavier Terlet

CEO and founder of XTC world innovation

Canada map

Thank you to our 2016 country of honour!

SIAL Canada was pleased that the United States was the 2016 country of honour. As Canada’s number-one supplier and customer, and thanks to its agri-food trade worth more than $45 trillion annually, the United States remains a major partner for Canada. Honouring the United States with the help of the USDA through their Taste US program also serves to open the North American market to the industry as a whole, especially local and international exhibitors. SIAL Canada offered on this occasion a presentation about market opportunities in the USA.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the 2017 country of honour!

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Get a taste for innovations

SIAL Canada’s aim is to inspire the industry and to emphasize a product quality. Thanks to our contests in product innovation and best olive oils’ selection, SIAL Innovation and Olive d’Or gather a hundred participants every year. SIAL Canada helps and supports professionals to choose only the best. Partners and experts of these events contribute to the awareness and sustainability of these contests. GIVE THESE INNOVATIONS A BOOST WITH OUR INNOVATIVE CONTESTS!


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Olive d’Or contest

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A bundle of fruitful events

SIAL Canada is the key trade show for the agrifood industry with a complete range of activities including workshops and conferences on site. Industry professionnals took this opportunity to develop your network, discover new business trends, improve your skills, be more informed about the national and international market or just observe.

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  • Cheese by SIAL
  • The Lab
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