Relive Montreal’s Record Edition of 2018

We’d like to thank our exhibitors, visitors and partners for their contributions to the biggest-ever edition of SIAL Canada! All of the food industry’s major players gathered under one roof to make this record edition a reality.

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Exhibit at SIAL Canada

The key numbers

95% Growth since 2010
18 500 visitors from 67 countries 1000+ Exhibitors from 50 countries
50+ Workshops and conferences
240 000 ft2 of surface
3 Exclusive B2B programs
398 Contacts per booth
94% Of visitors were satis ed by their visit
97% Exhibitor satisfaction


Our Exhibitors

Each year, more than 1,000 exhibitors from over 50 countries take part in the show. From retail, to food service, to food processing—there’s always room for you!

2018 Exhibitors

Our Experts

Our experts aren’t just on-site to lead the show’s conferences and take part in its panel discussions, but also to meet with you and discuss the industry issues that matter to you most!

2018 Experts

Our Contests

SIAL Innovation

Develop a Taste for Innovation!
SIAL Innovation, a unique worldwide food-innovation observatory that brings together more than 100 participants each year.


Olive d'Or

In addition to its desire to inspire the industry, SIAL Canada puts an emphasis on product quality. Though the selection of the best olive oils from among the roughly 100 participants each year, SIAL Canada helps professionals to make the right choices.



SIAL Canada has a wide array of activities, including more than 50 on-site workshops and conferences. Industry professionals make the most of these activities to expand their networks, discover new methods, test their skills, learn more about the market and trends here and abroad, or simply just to take it all in.

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