The Olive d'Or Competition

A Unique Competition about Olive Oil

The biggest extra-virgin olive-oil competition in Canada, which each year brings together more than 100 olive oils showcased for the 25,000 visitors attending SIAL Canada.
The competition is open to extra-virgin olive oils from around the world, whether or not they are also exhibitors at SIAL Canada.
12 medals, 5 favourites, 1 BIO Prize and 1 design prize—try your luck!

Why Participate?

  • It’s a prestigious, widely recognized competition with strong visibility among 320 professional journalists
  • An effective test market: a competitive way to test your product, not only with a jury of experts but also with the show’s 25,000 visitors
  • Targeted samplesspecialized medias and major actors of the food industry have the possibility to taste winning oils samples on-site

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135 Olive Oils presented
15 Countries
12 Medals

A word from the Jury President

Olive d'Or in 4 steps


Step 1

Choose on the registration platform the package that best fits your needs and register for the competition!

Package 1:  $335 CAD
Package 2: 
$600 CAD 




Step 2

Send SIAL Canada your olive oils for selection by the jury before September 15, 2020.


Step 3

On September 28, 2020, the grand jury will test and evaluate your oils to select the best ones and identify the finalists!


Step 4

The Jury will announce the  Winners in the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories to major actors in the food industry and press sector on September 29, 2020 (1st day of the show) at the Olive d'Or booth.

Our Partners

A prestigious and renowned competition

Each year, the Olive d’Or competition is the meeting point for extra-virgin olive oils professionals from all around the world. Our jury of experts would have to crown the best oils in an increasingly outstanding competition.


2020 Olive d'Or Jury - In creation

President of the Jury, Olive d'Or 2020

Christine Cheylan

Owner of Château Virant, Olive Oils

Stephanie Delaye

Manager of the farmer Association « Terroirs Oléicoles de France » 

Lotus Hannoun

Olive grower - Oléologue

Maria Grazia Lemme

Certified olive oil taster

Fil Bucchino

Certified olive oil taster, private label owner and educator

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Myriam Gagnon-Potvin

Quebec Sales & Special Events Manager

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