emplacementEnercare Centre, TORONTO
Du 9 au 11 mai 2023

New consumer habits in the foodservice and retail sectors

Over the past two years, consumer behaviour in foodservice and retail sectors have been grounded in recovery. As economic headwinds prevail in early 2023, consumer spending will continue to be cautious for the foreseeable future. Combined with resuming pre-pandemic routines and increased interest in experiences — such as concerts, travel, and, yes, restaurant meals — growth in consumer spending is projected to be restrained across many segments in 2023. This presentation will provide high-level direction for brands and marketers to identify opportunities and grow their market share in these transformational times. Join The NPD Group’s Foodservice Industry Expert, Vince Sgabellone, and Retail Industry Advisor, Tamara Szames, for an insightful review of consumer spending across the foodservice and retail sectors in Canada.