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NEW THIS YEAR! SIAL Canada is challenging Food Start-Ups in a Pitch Competition:

“You have one minute to make your mark!”

This exciting competition is a novel format: 2 sets of Start-Ups will pitch their concept for the three days .

We promise you engaging and dynamic content!

Will you be there?



Are you an entrepreneur looking for ways to take your business to the next level?
Do you require capital or industry expertise to assist you with your growth?
This competition is for you!


OUR jury 2020 : 

Angela Tellez-Lance : Risk Analysis & Food Safety Expert - Niagara College Canada

Ana Cristina Vega-Lugo : Senior Food Scientist - Niagara College Canada

Anais Détolle : Business Development Specialist - Mitacs

Pierre-Marc Denault : Client Business Partner - Nielsen

Sébastien Nadeau : Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Strategy - CTAQ

Sheri Evans : Local Business Development Manager - Sobeys 



Food company category:
  • Congratulations to Art Kombucha, which won first prize in the food company category!

Why this start-up? Its innovative concept completely aligns with current food trends, matches consumer demand, and meshes very well with social and cultural consumption habits. It features impressive biochemistry that lets it achieve the desired alcohol levels and a process that’s ready to be scaled up—which includes sterile filtration to ensure food safety. The jury members were very excited to taste it!

  • Congratulations to Les Snorôs, which won second prize in the food company category!

Why this start-up? It provides an incredible waffle made from “ugly” vegetables. It’s also grounded in the main drivers of innovation: nutrition and sustainability. The product is ready to be scaled up and brought to market.


Technology company category:
  • Congratulations to Novagrow, which won first prize in the technology company category!

Why this start-up? It offers a product aligned with food, health, and culinary trends by allowing consumers to grow vegetables, herbs, and microgreens anywhere in their homes! Up to 6 varieties can be grown at a time using this technology. Critical elements, such as water and light, are automatically controlled for improved results. Its strong marketing potential completely won over the jury members!

  • Congratulations to Bello Solutions, which won second prize in the technology company category!

Why this start-up? Bello Solutions has created a sustainable product by purifying water, limiting the use of water bottles, and even stimulating creativity. Consumers can personalize the flavours of their drinks and even add minerals if they want. The jury members can’t wait to explore all the flavours, minerals, and more!

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