The “Grocerant” Trend: Strategic Advice on New Consumers’ Food Habits

What lies behind the expression "Grocerant"?  This is a type of establishment halfway between a grocery store and a restaurant. The concept is simple: selling their recipes directly or offering related products, available for sale at their own locations or at grocery stores. But it's not only this!

Most of all, it's an experience and an innovative solution for those who don't like to spend time grocery shopping.  That concerns the 30% of Canadians who eat lunch outside or eat at least one of their daily meals outside. Many experts project that by 2035, Canadians will spend more money at restaurants than at grocery stores.

(Their neighbours to the south have already hit that point: In the U.S., 50.2% of meals are eaten outside the home.)


Take it from our  SIAL Experts and their conference The merging between grocery market and food service industry, are you ready for it?  In 2030, ready-to-eat will be the dominant force in Canadian grocery stores, and it will take up more than 80% of retail space.



So how to respond to the new consumers food habits? 

Our white paper on the "Grocerant" trend is a guide and reference for food industry professionals, who are faced with changes in Canadians’ consumption habits because of the rapid expansion and growth of grocerants—a phenomenon that will become increasingly evident on the Canadian market between now and 2030. 




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