Engineer the future of food at SET

An essential part of the show each year, SET will be the place to be for professionals in the equipment, technology and packaging sectors of the food industry.

As digitalisation is revolutionizing every facet of our lives, it is also transforming the food industry in ways that we may not think of. Machines and equipment alike are becoming more efficient, reliable - in short: smarter. This allows supply chain solutions to be more efficient resulting in a world that becomes smaller every day.

SET also promotes packaging in all its forms. Once purely a marketing tool, packaging is now on everyone's mind as a challenge in a world that is slowly grasping the importance of managing waste.

Whether it's minimalistic, recyclable or even edible, packaging is evolving and will retain a big role in the consumer buying process for years to come.

See below a selection of SET exhibitors from this week’s e-flyer that will be present at SIAL Canada this year.

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